Put the Happy back in your Hustle.


A 10 Day Challenge That Can Change Your Life Forever.... For Only 1$ A Day!

For entrepreneurs who want more happiness in their personal and professional life.

Each day you will receive...All while taking less than 1 hour of your time.

Inspiring Video Lessons

Short, straight-to-the-point, entertaining video lessons that will help you each day to reframe your mindset. These videos will propel you forward on your journey and answer questions you may not have even thought to ask.

Expert Insights

Not only will you get lessons from Cary Jack but you'll get expert insights from other amazing Happy Hustlers like multi-million dollar entrepreneur John Lee Dumas, spiritual  author Danette May, Miss Universe Natalie Glebova, world traveler Garret Gravesen, CEO and speaker Rory Vaden and awesome others.

Actionable Takeaways

Here's where the rubber meets the road. You'll receive specific actionionable steps to implement each day. You will know exactly what to do and when do to it in order to become a Happy Hustler and start living a life you love!

The Journey to becoming a Happy Hustler is right in front of you... 10 days that can change your life forever.

We are in the midst of very uncertain times. It's time to invest in yourself and come out on the other side with newfound skills and motivation to Happy Hustle a life you love. Below is what we will encounter on The Journey...


Passion is inward facing. The feeling that excites your soul. It's the deep burning desire that will allow you to achieve your greatness.


Purpose is outward serving. The target that you wish to hit and the reasons why. Your goals and vision in the service of a greater good.

Positive Impact

The positive impact you have on others is what results in a fulfilling life. Selfless service and financial abundance are interwoven. The secret to living is giving. 

Day 1: Persistent Personal Development

We kick things off on Day 1 by learning how to grow! 30 Minutes Reading. 30 Minutes Watching. 30 Minutes Listening. All inspiring educational content can change your life in it of itself! After you crush Day 1, you will have a proven system to improve and grow everyday!

Day 2: Optimized Health

More than just nutrition and exercise, on Day 2 we go deep on how to optimize your mind and body utilizing ancient wisdom and modern scientific timeless strategies. Especially how to protect yourself from viral infections and boost your immune system. Optimized health is an essential element of being a Happy Hustler.

Day 3: Loving Relationships

Creating and maintaining loving relationships in your life is imperative. Make no mistake, alignment in this area doesn't just happen. It requires choice, daily effort, and Happy Hustlin'. On Day 3, we break down what some of the most successful relationships do and don't do, and how to apply these strategies to you and yours. 

Day 4: Purposeful Work

On Day 4, we infuse meaning into your work. Whether you want to start your own business or switch careers to something more aligned with your passions, we walk you through to how to create a Happy Hustle you love that pays you generously. 

Day 5: Mindful Spirituality

It doesn't matter what adversity or crisis arises, with your spirit strong and heart centered, you can adapt and thrive while maintaining inner peace. On Day 5, we learn breath work, meditation, and prayer practices that have the potential to transform your life as you apply them.

Join The Journey: 10 Days to Become a Happy Hustler and start living a life you love.

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Day 6: Financial Abundance

Despite popular culture, it's not all about how much money you make or how many material items you possess. However, Happy Hustler's are financially abundant and knowledgable. On Day 6, you will take control of your finances. Together we will work through any self limiting stories surrounding money and will set up a system for saving, investing, and spending that will work for you for years to come!

Day 7: Passionate Hobbies

Life is no fun when you're not having it. On Day 7, we identify the things you love to do and integrate each into your "busy" schedule! This is the majority's favorite day and I bet it will be one of yours too! 

Day 8: Selfless Service 

The secret to living a fulfilling existence is giving to others. On Day 8, we give. Giving time, expertise and/or money to those less fortunate is often the most (selfishly) rewarding act you can do. For when you help others, the universe notices and karma circulates. We get into easy ways you can involve service into your life and actually make a positive difference in the world throughout the process. 

Day 9: Nature Connection 

Let's face it, most of us are living like zoo animals caught up in our confined homes then transitioning in our cage on wheels to then arrive at our high-rise office cage. If we’re lucky, we may get in a quick run outside or walk in the park but collectively totaling usually no more than an hour outdoors. You want to increase your happiness? Get outside more and tune into nature. On Day 8, we re-introduce nature's wonders back into your life.

Day 10: Blissful Balance

Balance is the key to unlock the life you love. As Einstein said, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." On Day 10, we determine where your life may be out of balance, and we restore it so you can keep on moving!

The Time Is Now... and you can get started for only $1 a day ($11 total)!

Don't waste another day not Happy Hustlin' a life you love. Sign up and join us for 10 Days to Become A Happy Hustler. If you apply the Actionable Takeaways from each lesson, I guarantee you will be happier, and more balanced in 10 days or less or your money back!


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